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Business is acceptable for above Chelmsford adherent angry archetypal football shirt sale tycoon

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Ten years ago, above Chelmsford buck Matthew Dale was a apprentice absence commons in adjustment to armamentarium his apprentice archetypal football shirt sale business.

Today, the above King Edward VI Grammar Academy adherent has a aggregation of 22 alive collapsed out to accumulate up with appeal as the European Championships in France get into abounding swing.

“At the moment, we are really, absolutely busy,” said the 31-year-old.

“Everyone is searching to get a Euro 96 shirt with Gascoigne on the back; we can’t get abundant of them.

“And it is not just UK cheap football shirts; with a lot of the Home Nations involved, it has fabricated a huge aberration to our sales.”

Matthew, originally from Epping, cut his teeth affairs “bits and pieces” at academy afore ablution at the end of university.

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He said: “I was consistently one of those humans who would buy things and again advertise them on at school, whether it was active CDs or whatever I could get my easily on.

“It absolutely took off at the end of university if I would go about affairs shirts from alms shops and car cossack sales and again affairs them on eBay.

“I was aggravating to plan out what I capital to do, whether to acquisition a able job or do something on my own, so I concluded up spending two years in a apprentice abode spending all the money I had on football shirts, even prioritising it over aliment sometimes.”

Matthew is now affairs shirts beyond the globe, including the odd Chelmsford City top, with added than a division of a actor units in his behemothic Manchester warehouse.

“We acutely anticipation there was lots of abeyant in the business, but there is aswell a huge bazaar in Asia, South America and North America.

“We accept had a few Chelmsford City shirts and they accept been awash to places like Brazil and Italy because humans wish to accept cheap football shirts from the aboriginal English clubs.”

As able-bodied as ambience up links with manufacturers about the globe, a lot of the added abnormal items appear from households who are allowance out or above collectors searching for a new pastime.

“We antecedent a lot of our shirts from associates of the public,” Matthew added.

“If humans are allowance out their attic, or if they accept a son or babe abrogation home and wish to get rid of some of their old shirts, they can get in blow with us.”

While the a lot of big-ticket shirt Matthew has awash – a match-worn West Brom top from the 1935 FA Cup final defeat to Sheffield Wednesday – went for £3,500, he added that there is something to clothing every fan, and every amount range.

“There is actually something for everyone.

“We accept Premier League shirts from the endure brace of seasons, but it isn’t just the big teams that we accord in.

“We’ll aces up shirts from Ukraine or Mexico, basically annihilation we can get our easily on if it’s at the appropriate price.”

Afghan boy to make his own Lionel Messi football shirt gets the real thing signed by the star

An Afghan boy who endeared himself to millions when pictured wearing a homemade Lionel Messi football shirt has been given an authentic replacement kit by the star footballer himself.

Murtaza Ahmadi, 5, became an online sensation after pictures emerged of him playing football in a blue and white plastic bag with Messi’s name and number scribbled on the back.

After an appeal was launched to track down Messi’s self-declared ‘biggest fan’, the Barcelona star’s management team organised for him to be sent an cheap authentic national team shirt.


Signed by Messi himself, the boy was pictured performing a two-handed peace sign celebration while wearing his new kit.

He declared: ‘I love Messi and my football shirt says Messi loves me.’

The footballer had sent his two teams’ soccer jerseys – Argentina and Barcelona – and a football. The t shirts were signed with the message ‘with much love, Leo’.

Murtaza and his family shot to fame after a photograph of the little boy wearing a blue-and-white striped plastic bag – resembling the Argentinian cheap football shirts – went viral.

The youngster’s older brother, 15-year-old Hamayon, made the ‘shirt’ and posted photographs of Murtaza wearing it on Facebook.

It tugged on the heart strings of football fans around the world, prompting the social media hunt that eventually identified Murtaza as the little boy with the ‘saddest buy football shirt in the world’.

During a recent visit to Kabul, he said: ‘I want to meet Messi, spend time with him, I love the way he plays football. I love him very, very much.’

Murtaza’s father, a poor farmer in Ghazni’s Jaghori district, admitted he could not afford to buy him a replica jersey.

Mohammad Arif Ahmadi said: ‘He insisted many times to buy him a Messi jersey but it is too expensive for me.

As members of the historically persecuted Hazara community, Ahmadi said an opportunity to meet Messi would bring a glimmer of hope to their lives.

‘We live in an area surrounded by Taliban and Islamic State jihadists. We face lots of daily struggles.

‘If a poor boy like my son manages to meet Messi, it will be a proud moment not just for us but all of Afghanistan.’


Sport was rarely played under Taliban rule, and the football stadium in Kabul was a notorious venue for executions, stonings and mutilations.

Football and cricket are the two most popular sports in the war-ravaged country.

Earlier this month it emerged the youngster had been invited by Messi to visit him at Camp Nou, Spain after the footballer saw the photographs.


His uncle Azim told MailOnline: ‘Messi and his team wants to meet Murtaza in Camp Nou [Barcelona] and we are waiting for the date.

His uncle said: ‘I was so excited when I saw his photo going viral and a lot of media writing about him. He is a cute boy and loves football too much. He loves both Messi and Ronaldo, but Messi the most.

‘He heard that his meeting with Messi is underway. So he is very excited and happy to meet his dream hero. We would all be very happy.’

Although there was initially some debate over whether the meeting would take place in Afghanistan or in Barcelona, the organisers have confirmed that Murtaza will be brought with his family to Spain.

‘The Spanish embassy is ready to issue visas for them,’ said Keramuddin Karim, the president of the Afghanistan Football Federation.

‘We are trying to make contact directly with Barcelona to arrange the meeting, where, when and which date.’

The youngster has already had some of his wishes granted, after he was invited to Kabul earlier this month to run through some football drills at the national stadium.

Despite being kitted out in some proper Barcelona gear, little Murtaza still chose to wear his improvised Messi shirt over the top.